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Shockpad Trocellen

We also offer a very interesting product of Trocellen company which is very easy to install and has a high stability thanks to XC-cut system which offers:

  • Constant performance regarding shock absorption and vertical deformation across the whole installed area and beyond the lifetime of artificial turf.
  • Meets criteria regarding shock absorption, energy restitution and vertical deformation: tested according to requirements of official sports federations (e.g. FIFA, FIH, etc.).
  • Meets required HIC values (DIN EN 1177) in combination with artificial turf: for use e.g. in rugby.
  • Positive biomechanical properties: reduced risk of injuries.
  • Long lasting performance.
  • XC cuts compensate the expansion or shrinkage during installation: there are no "waves" on the field due to changes of temperature.


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