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Rubber surfaces

RUBBER is a series of surfaces for playgrounds for children. Highly elastic combination of SBR and EPDM granulates guarantees safe surface for our children. Plates are made as an aesthetic products with very high protection by unexpected falls from height even of 3 m.


BRICKS made of rubber granulate is an elastic and durable surface of many applications. We suggest to use it on horse paddocks, park alleys, terraces, gardens, swimming pool surroundings and all places that will appreciate comfort of using elastic and warm surface.

DOTS and COLOR are popular floors for fitness clubs. It can be also used in sports gyms, on surroundings of skating rinks, bridges, swimming pools or in walking areas. Its special parameters are achieved by the composition of the rubber granules and colorful EPDM. Installation is very easy even for non-professionals. Atractive look, many colors and high durability for compression and grinding makes that DOTS and COLOR are very popular.


RUBBER is a cheaper version of the floor made of only black rubber. This makes it less attractive but keeps the same usage parameters for the lower price. All above floors properly covered can be used outdoors.


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