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Polypropylene surfaces

We offer Polypropylene sports surfaces.



  • Over 14 standard colours to choose
  • Quick assembly and easy maintenance
  • Owing to a unique design of the surface, the product provides the impression of a jointless surface after assembly of the pitch
  • Perfect shock-absorption (depending on the solution applied, up to 44% - DIN 18032-02)
  • Perfect adhesion in compliance with the ASTM C 1028 research: dry surface – 0.63; wet surface – 0.61
  • Extremely high durability. We offer 12 years warranty
  • Full resistance to weather conditions, open structure of the surface allows immediate dewatering of precipitation even during heavy rainfall.

Owing to this, the PP surfaces constitute a proper choice for over 15 different sports disciplines played outdoor and in hall pitches.


Our surfaces: 

  • can be assembled on every stable foundation: concrete, asphalt or even the popular Polbruk (concrete setts) – they can be also assembled on old, chapped surfaces.
  • offer an easy and quick installation (durability of applied solutions of the modules' joints allow multiple assembly and disassembly without damaging the surface)
  • have patented solutions, improving safety of users, which at the same time make them more advanced in comparison to products of competition
  • have a vast range of applications (surfaces of gyms, outdoor pitches, sports surfaces of private owners; owing to unique durability they can be used as mobile pitches for outdoor events or show games).



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