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Multisport surfaces

Choosing a proper shockpad depends on the parameters of the surface. For indoor surfaces built on the profiles the proper mat is of 3-6 mm thickness. For the surfaces glued directly to the ground (contrete or tarmac) thickness should not be smaller than 6 mm. TILELASTIC rubber mats are available in thicknesses 2-25mm in rolls of width 1.05m 1.25m and 2.1m. Length of standard rolls are 10m, 20m or 30m. For special requests we can produce in custom size.


For outdoor surfaces our rubber mats compete with elastic "in-situ" layers. Our mats makes your project weather independent. Your work is faster and more efficient. Besides rubber mat offers constant parameters what by "in-situ" surface is impossible to reach. Installation is very easy and fast. TILIAELASTIC rubber mats are high quality products with constant structure and equal absorption on the whole area. Standard thicknesses are 8, 10 or 12 mm.


Tilfoam, a rebound polyurethane foam, is an interesting product used as a base that makes a floor's surface flexible and can be applied as a substitute of joists. Floors build according to the system are recommended by such companies as Tarkett, Hoppe or Boen. The foam is available in boards or beams of the thickness ranging from 5 to 20 mm. The solution's advantages over the wooden grid are simplicity and quickness of assembly, the same flexibility in each point of surface, as well as good price. The only disadvantage is the necessity of well prepared installation and even foundation. Due to its open structure, the polyurethane foam is a great thermal conductor, which makes it ideal solution for under floor heated facilities. A new product - Tilfoam "Noppen" – has been developed as a result of tests aiming at expanding application of polyurethane foam. Due to the profile cutting, the foam's surface resembles egg container. Owing to this, even better shock elasticity parameters have been achieved.



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