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Many years of experience gathered on the artificial turf market was used to develop new innovation models of Eagle Turf. Our artificial turf under new brand is the answer for market demand. Advanced production technologies, best materials and thorough research helped us to make highest quality products in attractive price. Parameters of Eagle Turf are equal to the most advanced competitive products.

Development of youth through sports was an inspiration by designing and research of new models. We have developed products that give similar comfort of playing like on a natural grass that you can meet on the professional stadiums. Our advantage is that Eagle Turf is much cheaper in maintenance than natural grass.


All parameters of the artificial carper like ball roll, ball rebound, grip passes the FIFA requirements and are very close to natural grass. Exactly such parameters gives to a young player for the proper development of skills and playing technique with protection from knee and ankle injuries. Such injuries are dangerous especially on uneven and hard surfaces that you can meet on the most playing areas for children and youth. Affordable price gives an opportunity for a wide range of players and amateurs on the local pitches to play on the perfect football surface, not only to the professionals on biggest stadiums.


EagleTurf Models:


  • EagleTurf 60F
  • EagleTurf XTR 60F



  • EagleTurf 60M
  • EagleTurf XTR 60M
  • EagleTurf PR SM 60
  • EagleTurf ULS 60
  • Eagle Turf STG 60
  • Eagle Turf TRS 60M

All models of Eagle Turf has been tested in licensed FIFA laboratories. EagleTurf products passed tests for DIN 18035-7 and DIN 51960.

Products has also the required by Polish market Hygienic Certificate.


We are fully aware of ecology and social responsibility therefore we produce a safe and comfortable high quality products. Our production has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Eagle Turf is half of your success, now it your turn!

Many clients has trusted our products. As the effect there are over 250 pitches in Poland built on EagleTurf. These are as well full size pitches and Orlik programme pitches for schools.

More information on EAGLE TURF - here



Boisko Orlik w Działdowie
Playing field "Orlik" in Działdowo
Boisko Orlik w Tuliszkowie
Playing field "Orlik" in Tuliszkowo
Boisko Orlik przy szkole podstawowej w Mycielinie
Playing field "Orlik" in Mycielin
Boisko Orlik przy szkole podstawowej w Psarach w gminie Przykona
Playing field "Orlik" in Psary


Email: biuroattilia [dot] com [dot] pl

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