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Artificial turf

Readymade, elastic bases (so called Shock-Pads) for artificial grass, present extremely good elasticity (the energy absorption of the 10mm thick base is 29%). Simple and quick assembly, top quality and unified structure of the material, which guarantees the same hardness over the whole surface, constitute undeniable advantage of the mat. Standard thicknesses of the mats are 10, 12 or 15 mm. The thicker the mat, the higher flexibility of the system. Application of the mat may be crucial in case the surface system has to fulfil requirements of the FIFA. We fit sizes of the mats to the size of a pitch. The standard width is 2.10 m and standard length is 30 m.


Except for rubber granulate shock-pads, we also offer flexible mats of recycled or cross-linked polyethylene foam. In comparison to the SBR mats they are lighter, thus easier to transport. Worse wear resistance and the fact that joining the rolls is more labour-consuming may be considered a disadvantage.


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