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Acrylic surfaces

Our floors shine under your footsteps.

EPFULOOR GmbH is a global supplier of sports- and industrial flooring. In addition we offer a comprehensive collection of sports equipment, installation equipment and engineering services.


Due to our own experience, the close contact to specialized suppliers and craftsman, we are aware of a lot of outstanding wishes and possible solutions that we discuss with each other in specific meetings and conversations. These kinds of ideas have produced lots of successful products and flooring systems.


On the following pages we would like to present our products and systems to you. Behind every product is often an individual whose vision and persistence make it whole and turn into real.

EPUFLOOR® comfort IS Plus

EPUFLOOR® comfort IS Plus is a seamless, cushioned tennis court system. The particularity of this system lies in the application of 8 IFT Acrylic resins including an insitu installed shock absorbing layer.The system offers players maximum comfort and is decreasing the risk of injuries. It is also particularly adapted to basketball and multipurposes game courts.

EPUFLOOR® comfort IS Plus is approved by ITF and meets the ITF pace category 5.

epufloor COMFORT IS
epufloor BASIC
epufloor CLASSIC
epufloor COMFORT IS


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